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VEGANUARY | The Healthy Choice

We now know that switching to a plant-based diet has numerous significant benefits.

Sustainability, cleaner production, lower emissions and many other environmental advantages come with minimizing or removing meat from your diet. Vegans are estimated to save anywhere between 100 and 400 animals’ lives per year, and all the pollution, packaging and production impacts that come along with them.

Calculate the benefits your plant-based choice has made with The Vegan Calculator

(Statistics from The Vegan Calculator)

Yet, while real men consider the environment and the lives of others part of their responsibility in life, many others dismiss veganism as hard, weak, effeminate and even — ironically — unhealthy.

Veganuary is the perfect time to put these assumptions to the test. Step into the month with commitment. Even if you don’t intend to stay plant-based once the calendar ticks over to February, go all in to test veganism to the limits!

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