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Our Goal

Real Men Eat Plants goal is simple, to end the stigma that surrounds men choosing to live a plant-based lifestyle. Giving men the help and support they need once they decide to change their lifestyle for their health, their family and total well being.


Our Values

As an advocate of plant-based living, Real Men Eat Plants values health, wellness, and sustainability. Our core values:


Real Men Eat Plants aims to empower men to take control of their health and well-being by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.


The community welcomes men of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages who are interested in exploring a plant-based diet.


Real Men Eat Plants provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment for men who are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, offering guidance, resources, and a sense of community.


The community is committed to promoting sustainable food choices and reducing the environmental impact of food production.


 Real Men Eat Plants prioritizes health and wellness, promoting the idea that a plant-based diet can improve overall health, increase energy, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


The community values education and encourages members to learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as to share their knowledge and experiences with others.


Real Men Eat Plants started as a blog by Bryan in 2011 just a week after Forks Over Knives was released. After years of blogging, the Real Men Eat Plants website was launched. Sharing more blogs about plant-based living focusing on men. The 30-day Challenge was created to help men change and go plant-based and stay in the lifestyle. Then, the Real Men Eat Plants Podcast was born. With the help of Rich Reynolds, we were able to produce 38 episodes in Season 1. After a successful season, we launched another podcast with the one and only Glen Merzer named The Glen Merzer Show. Bringing some prominent people in the plant based community, Glen was able to reach a whole different set of audience to the community while keeping his antics and “rants” about vegan life. 


We are able to reach more people through our podcasts and we want to create even more space for all the plant-based individuals out there so we created The Plant Based on Fire Podcast. In this podcast, we showcase the aspiring, up and coming and established plant-based businesses to give them an outlet to share their inspiration, vision and goals not only to their brand but to the lifestyle as a whole. Another podcast we have is Plants VS Meat. The name itself explains what will be in the podcast. This friendly debate between the plant-eaters and meat lovers will be as entertaining as it is informative for both sides.

The Team

As our community continues to grow, we invite and encourage people to share their stories about the lifestyle. We bring passionate plant-based men (and women) in our team and give them a platform where they can talk and write about anything that contributes to the growth of the community.

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Founder of Real Men Eat Plants.

He's a vegetarian pushing vegan, eating a whole food plant-based diet! He got inspired by a quote from the movie Forks Over Knives and he is recommending it to you to watch. Bryan also shares some blogs for the website and hosts our podcasts.



The woman behind our blogs.

Known as livinglifeplantbased in her social media, Ashlyn has been vegan for 7 years and her favorite food is sweet potato! Ashlyn has a burning passion for food and nutrition! She loves to create healthy vegan recipes for others to enjoy!

Glen Merzer.JPG


The host of the eponymous podcast. 

Glen is the author of Food Is Climate, Own Your Health and the novel Off the Reservation. He is co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad Cowboy and No More Bull!, and with Chef AJ, of Unprocessed and The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss. He is also a playwright and screenwriter. He is a graduate of the New College of Florida in Sarasota. You can find him at



Another vegan that contributes to the growth of the community by sharing blogs about vegan living in the Philippines and keeping everything going while in the background. He likes to travel and discover new places that offer plant-based food for everyone to visit and experience.

Our Podcasts

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