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Announcement of "The Glen Merzer Show"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Real Men Eat Plants fans……. Listen up! We have a huge announcement! We have decided to welcome a new member to our family, and would like to extend a huge welcome to the amazing Glen Merzer! Glen is an accomplished playwright, screenwriter, and author who began his career as a stand-up comic in San Francisco. He wrote for network television for many years before transitioning into a career writing books that advocate the plant-based diet. Glen is the author of the amazing novel, Off the Reservation (1999), which has been optioned for a film. Glen has written two non-fiction books, Own Your Health (2020), which is a book about nutrition, told with humor through personal anecdotes and features 75 recipes from Chef AJ, as well as his most recent book, Food is Climate (2021), which details the case that animal agriculture is by far the leading cause of climate change. Glen is also co-author of The Mad Cowboy (1998) by Howard Lyman; The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss (2018) by Chef AJ; Unprocessed (2011) by Chef AJ; Food Over Medicine (BenBella Books, 2013) with Pam Popper; Better Than Vegan (BenBella Books, 2013) by Chef Del Sroufe; and The Plant Advantage (2015) by Benji Kurtz. The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss launched as a best-seller in the summer of 2018, spending over a week in the top ten best-selling books on Amazon. Alongside Eric Brent, Glen edited The HappyCow Cookbook (BenBella Books, 2014).

Coming to Real Men Eat Plants is “The Glen Merzer Show” hosted by none other than Glen himself! Filled with freewheeling discussions, liveliness, and health information, The Glen Merzer Show Podcast will move you towards the vegan lifestyle if you're not there already.

This podcast is for open-minded individuals who are interested in veganism, climate change, and the destructive effects of animal agriculture, but also anyone who just simply enjoys healthy cooking, theater, and culture. Glen Merzer lives with the philosophy that he has two reasons to write: to make people laugh and to make people vegan. He has the same two reasons to podcast. Get ready for lots of laughs, learning, and fun regarding all things health, comedy, and culture. It’s going to be a fun ride!


Our Real Men Eats Plants Podcast Is Here!

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