• Bryan Dennstedt

CALL THAT A SALAD? | Next-Level Your Veggies

There's more to a salad the greens and tomatoes.

When an omnivore thinks of a salad, they think of a less-than-desirable bit of foliage on the side of their plate. But when a vegan thinks of a salad, it is rich, abundant, flavorful and nourishing.

You see, there’s salad, and then there’s a proper, balanced, plant-based salad that is a complete and nourishing meal. When done right, a quick, simple salad can be every bit as satisfying as any main meal, and usually far healthier.

Read my latest blog where I share my tips and tricks for creating a salad that even the most ardent carnivore can be satisfied with: medium.com/call-that-a-salad


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