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PROFESSIONAL VEGAN | Why Hire a Plant-Based CTO?

More and more businesses are using veganism as a major selling point.

There are the obvious ones: food and eateries, clothing and cosmetics. Then there are the seemingly obscure ones, the professionals, service providers and tradespeople who market themselves as a ‘vegan lawyer’ or ‘plant-based mechanic’.

At first glance, it might be hard to see any relevance. Seriously, can a person’s dietary choice really make them better for you than any other professional? The more you think it over though, veganism reaches far beyond the food on our plates, and hiring someone with beliefs that align to yours can be a huge benefit.

Bringing a vegan CTO (chief technology officer) into your business is a valuable investment that can springboard you to the next level, and if your business target or even your office ethics are plant-based, making sure they are a plant-based CTO will be a huge benefit.

I explore the benefits of hiring a plant-based CTO - or any vegan professional - in my latest blog, now live on Medium.


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