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Real Men Eat Plants Podcast: Breaking Stereotypes and Embracing a Plant-Powered Lifestyle

Real Men Eat Plants Podcast has returned with an insightful episode featuring a powerhouse lineup. Hosted by Shane Martin of Shane and Simple, he is joined with Bryan Dennstedt, the Founder of Real Men Eat Plants, Paul Chatlin, Founder and CEO of Plant Based Nutrition Support Group, Brett Nyquist of Plant Based Nutrition Support Group, and Mitchell Bey-Smith of Body By Mitch. In this episode, they dive into a critical issue: the underrepresentation of men in the world of plant-based living.

Shane Martin kicks off the discussion by shedding light on a staggering statistic—his blog's followers consist of 86 to 90% females and only 10 to 14% males. He challenges the prevailing notion that being vegan or plant-based is exclusively a female-driven movement, emphasizing that the landscape has evolved significantly in the past decade. However, there seems to be a persistent challenge in getting more men on board.

Martin reflects on the stereotypes surrounding a vegan lifestyle and how they may be deterring men from embracing plant-powered living. The conversation sparks a vital question: Why are we still grappling with the struggle to engage more men in this life-altering journey?

Paul Chatlin, Founder and CEO of Plant Based Nutrition Support Group, adds a unique perspective by acknowledging that the reluctance to adopt a plant-based lifestyle may be deeply rooted in psychological barriers. He suggests seeking professional guidance, emphasizing the importance of consulting a psychologist to navigate the mental hurdles associated with making such a significant lifestyle change.

Chatlin shares his personal transformation story, highlighting that, like many men, he did not enjoy vegetables initially. However, a forced commitment to a plant-based diet for 60 days during a period of bed rest led to a remarkable change in his taste buds. As a result, he not only adapted to the plant-powered palate but also found a newfound appreciation for vegetables.

The key takeaway? Real Men Eat Plants, and the journey to embracing a plant-based lifestyle might just start with challenging stereotypes and seeking support for the mental aspects of change. As Chatlin's story illustrates, the initial distaste for vegetables can evolve into a profound appreciation, shattering the misconception that plant-based diets lack the robust flavors associated with traditional "manly" foods.

So, gentlemen, let's break free from outdated stereotypes and join the movement—Real Men Eat Plants! It's not just a lifestyle; it's a paradigm shift towards a healthier, more compassionate world.

Join the meaningful conversation with the Real Men Eat Plants community by listening and watching the podcast.

>Podcast Episode Transcript:

Bryan (00:21.865)

Take it away, Shane.

Shane (00:22.188)

It's cursed. All right. We're just dudes talking guy talk here at Real Men Eat Plants. I am your host, Shane Martin. We're gonna try to do this podcast. I'm super excited. We got some super awesome vegan guys here. We're gonna dive into a topic that I think hits close to home. But at first I thought what we would do guys is just kind of go around the horn, introduce ourselves, maybe tell how long you've been vegan and where you are located.

paul chatlin (00:23.863)

All right.

Brett Nyquist (00:25.62)

Giving me a lot to look forward to, Paul.

Shane (00:52.22)

And so to keep it rolling, I'm going to start with the first name so everybody knows how they're coming in. So I'm going to start with Mitchell first.

Mitchell SmtihBey (01:00.598)

Good evening. Nice to be on the show. In Charlotte, North Carolina, I've been plant-based for the last 10 years, in and out for 20 years. But last 10 years, I've been plant-based. I'm a trainer here in Charlotte, physical trainer, mental trainer, health life coach. So I'm using my profession to help lead a life of plant-based and wellness.

Mitchell SmtihBey (01:33.313)


paul chatlin (01:36.278)

My name is Paul Chatlin. I'm from Michigan. I am the founder of the Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group, which I plug and say we're the only national support group on the planet right now, which we're proud of. I'm also the co-founder of the Sage Circle Alliance. I have been whole food plant-based, but no oil for 12 years out of absolute necessity.

Had it not been for some real health issues, I'd probably be eating food and I would be a lot bigger. But here I am 12 years later, 60 pounds lighter, and I feel great.

Shane (02:15.534)

Awesome. Brett?

Brett Nyquist (02:19.408)

Yes sir. Alright, well, I've been doing this thing since I was 26. My name is Brett Nyquist, I'm 34 now, so going on my 8th year of plant-based. Trying to avoid what Paul was just talking about in my later years. Hoping this pays off in the long run. I'm located in Nashville, Tennessee, but was born in Michigan.

Shane (02:40.43)

Ha ha.

Brett Nyquist (02:46.448)

and I've been affiliated with PB&SG since 2017. So really, really happy to be here.

Shane (02:53.152)

Nice. Whereabouts in Nashville are you?

Brett Nyquist (03:00.067)

We are right in Inglewood, East Nashville.

Shane (03:03.78)

Oh yeah, I lived in Ashland City out west of the city, Cheatham County. Yeah. 

Then we come to our fearless leader, the guy who supports our bad habit at real many plants, Mr. Bryan Dennstedt

Brett Nyquist (04:13.247)


Bryan (04:21.981)

Hello everybody, thanks for having me, Shane, on the show here. Looking forward to talking with y'all tonight. Yeah, I have started Real Men Eat Plants way back when.

I have to give a big shout out to Glenn Merzer. He's got some great books out there. Check them out. He couldn't be with us today, but we hope to have him on one of the shows soon enough. And yeah, I'm sort of a fractional chief technology officer by day and a plant-based eater anytime I'm eating. So love it and look forward to talking today.

Shane (04:55.252)

You said thanks for having you. Did we really have a choice? You own the whole thing. So, I mean.

Brett Nyquist (05:01.427)


Bryan (05:03.664)

You could have said, hey, I've got better vegans on here than me. So, yeah.

Shane (05:04.156)

You're welcome. Thank you for coming on the show. I really appreciate it.

paul chatlin (05:09.183)

Yeah, thanks for choosing me.

Shane (05:12.388)

Yes. Well, my name is Shane Martin. I'm the host. Everybody knows my story. I went vegan over 10 years ago because I was dying. I was a 300 pound fat ass and had heart disease and high cholesterol and the whole thing. So, but we good today, baby. We are good today. So, just turned 50 this year. So I'm half a century, man. So, well, guys, yeah, baby.

paul chatlin (05:38.463)


Shane (05:41.388)

That's right. So anyway, guys, I thought we'd get into this idea of, you know, one of the things I've shared with Brian is like on my blog, Shane and Simple, you know, one thing you have to get into to make your blog grow is you have to get into SEO and learn all the ins and outs of how to get things to rank and you know, and I am not an analytics guy. I don't like it.

Brett Nyquist (05:45.179)


paul chatlin (05:45.995)

Oh, that's good.

Shane (06:10.048)

but I don't have a choice. And one of the things I notice when it breaks down the percentage of subscribers and users, whether it's on Facebook or on the blog, I think it breaks down generally, the people that follow my blog are 86 to 90% female and then anywhere from 10 to 14% male. And I think that's an issue. I think...

Brett Nyquist (06:36.436)


Shane (06:37.908)

I think everybody here can kind of attest that the idea of being vegan or plant-based has come a long way even in 10 years and is way more accessible than it was even 10 years ago. But why are we having this issue where we just can't seem to get dudes on board where, you know, I mean, and personally, I think just from my own personal experience, I think a lot of it is the characterization of what a vegan is. I mean, for me.

Bryan (06:49.609)


Shane (07:07.932)

It was like when I first thought about this as an option, I'm like, vegans don't take baths and they eat bark all day, you know? And I don't want to be sickly and I don't want to do this. But after coming across Rip Esselstyn and T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn and Rich Roll and seeing what these guys do, a lot of my stereotypes of what it meant to be a vegan or plant-based even as a male were just blown out of the water.

And I told Brian yesterday, I feel like men struggle in the world today with being vulnerable and have encouraged to a point to step up and say, okay, I'm going to make this change for my family. I'm going to be able to walk into the cookouts and take my salad or take my tofu or, or whatever. But I really feel like, um, where I see men struggle, especially in this area is this whole idea of just kind of getting to the point one of owning that

there is a problem and to just being able to step up to the plate and go, Hey, I need help. And I, you know, I want to get this taken care of. So I thought that would be a kind of a good topic to jump off and kind of see in your experiences, just what you guys see in your own circles and in your own areas and maybe talk about that a little bit.

Mitchell SmtihBey (08:30.178)

Well, being in the wellness industry and have been there, 59 years of age, I've been a police officer here in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, played collegiate baseball. So you're going against a lot of the marketing and advertisement. So you may hear or see something talking about plants or on television, but.

majority of the information is going to feed what the men have to change the fast foods the steaks and then you you're dealing with cultural things so biases so in the gym to put on muscle i need to eat my protein and i'm like well the strongest animals in the forest and in the jungle don't eat protein they eat plants so it's reversing or reprogramming the listener and the viewer to understand that

Shane (09:19.125)


Mitchell SmtihBey (09:25.578)

you've been misinformed or your program needs to be shifted a little bit and try it and you too can be 59 lean, fit and healthy. That's been my interaction.

Brett Nyquist (09:35.16)

Yeah, I mean, I think you, yeah. Yeah, you tackled the biggest thing. I think it's just the system, right? I mean, nothing in the major system of how our world works has been revolved around being healthy through nutrition. I mean, we've all been lied to our whole lives about milk.

Shane (09:53.036)


Brett Nyquist (09:55.816)

and meat, and I mean all of it. I mean there's just, and that's the majority of stuff that people are consuming, and it takes a lot of willpower to go out and do your own research and find things on your own and get away from that space. And yeah, I don't know what, you know, trying to figure out what causes that willpower in some men over others.

Shane (10:12.117)


Shane (10:19.712)


Brett Nyquist (10:20.392)

Lot of it's I mean there's some that's health scares, right? I mean people go through health scares, and then they're like shoot. I gotta I gotta change what I'm doing

paul chatlin (10:29.866)

You know what, Brett? Go ahead, Ryan.

Bryan (10:30.069)

I think it's.

I was going to say that a couple of things that are popping in my head guys is, is the game I like to play with some of my friends is like, I made this specially for you. Yeah. I cook some meat. Like, and I tell them that, you know, I try and trick them into eating it kind of a thing and I love to get my dad and he says, oh, this is phenomenal. And then he sees me eating it and he goes, wait, if you're eating it, it must not have any meat in it. And I go, yeah, ding, ding. I got you again. So I don't always pull it off, but I do, but I guess that's why we,

Brett Nyquist (10:57.565)


Bryan (11:02.837)

try to create the 30 day challenge with real many plants in the sense of like, we just want you to, you've been eating meat your whole entire life. All I want you to do is just try plant based for 30 days and see how you feel. Like a guy needs a challenge and needs to be pushed to do it and held accountable and like 30 days, just do it and then see how you feel. And then you can make a more well informed decision about that. Um, I don't know. I had a couple other thoughts, but I'll let somebody else jump in. Go ahead, Paul.

Shane (11:18.259)


paul chatlin (11:30.206)

Yeah, you know, it's funny. It was, you know, my friends are between 60 and 67 years old. That's eight guys I hung out with, went to high school with. And guess what? Seven out of eight of them, when we get together, because we still see each other, is half the time they're complaining about their issues or telling me what kind of drugs they're on. And, you know, seven out of eight, six out of eight are probably on the obese, morbidly obese side.

And you know, I look at them sometimes and I'm like, you hear yourselves? I said, all you do are like, I said, you guys are like a bunch of bitches now. Because I mean, all you do is complain or you tell me what your problems are. I don't wanna hear your problems. I said, here's a solution. And I say, it's me. Because 12 years ago, I was 225 pounds. I was into a lot of different fun things. I wasn't just, I wasn't fat at all. But I lost 60 pounds, I've kept it off. And guess what happened?

can repeat what I do every day without being sore and to me that's the end game as you get older is that you know did you want to wake up every day and go oh this hurts or pop six more pills or do you want to feel good and take on the day and all you have to do is give up meat and dairy and for me I give up oil because of heart disease issues but give up meat and dairy there's so you know what and one other thing I was gonna say is 12 years ago when I started there were two cookbooks today there's hundreds

Brett Nyquist (12:55.7)


paul chatlin (12:55.838)

So you could find 10 meals to repeat every single day and what you get if you do it. And you can batch cook by the way guys, it's cool. It's cool to batch cook. But if you do that, guess what? You're gonna feel great as you get older.

Shane (13:10.736)

Yeah, well, I'd love to tell you I batch cook, but I don't.

Brett Nyquist (13:44.695)


Shane (13:45.815)

Yeah. So, well, you know what? It's, you know, as you throw the gauntlet down there, Paul, I mean, I kind of relate to you, Paul, because it's like I hear Brian saying, you know, he sneaks it in and, and I, I'm more like you. When people walk up into my house, you're going to eat what's on the table. This ain't no short order cook here.

Bryan (13:48.606)


Bryan (14:09.941)

I'm going to go to bed.

Shane (14:10.824)

You know, and it's like, you know, and it's, but I'm amazed at how many people, you know, all you got to say is there's no meat in this and immediately they go on the defensive immediately. And it's like you eat salads and you eat potatoes, you know? And I guess if I told them, and I get it here in the south, you know, we used lard in our potatoes growing up so when we talk about this, this idea of

this resistance, you know, and I can tell you this, except for my sister-in-law, I have never had a woman, when the couples have come over to the house or my wife and I've hung out with friends, it's always been the women go, I'll try it, I'll try it, I'll try it. It's always the men almost 100% of the time that throw the defenses up, you know, and, you know, want to make a smart ass comment I mean, you know, Mitchell, you're, you're working out, you're training people. Um, Paul, like you said, you've got your friends around you and Rich is here and he's a doctor, so he sees this, but I mean, where is that resistance coming from? Is it pride? Is it guys just afraid to kind of, you know, kind of take the defense down and say, Hey, I'll try this. I mean, yeah.

Mitchell SmtihBey (15:32.002)

Ego, ego, ego. If you take that way, the E you can go. Go ahead, Bridget.

Brett Nyquist (15:46.775)


paul chatlin (16:19.562)

You know what's interesting you say that because I get calls all the time and people say I want to make this lifestyle change because of an event. And you know they'll say how do you do it? How do you do it? And the first thing I always tell them is go see a psychologist. I never did that before until the last few years. But you need to get some honest help as to how you're going to make this lifestyle change happen. But one thing I would say to all guys out there and this is a fact. I did not like vegetables. Okay. Now 12 years ago, I was forced to eat them. I said to myself, I could eat, I could do anything for 60 days. Mine was 60 days, because I needed 60 days of bed rest. So I said, I'm going to eat all the broccoli, the peas, and the beans. And I'm telling you, the first week, I absolutely hated it. But guess what happened? About two weeks into it, my taste buds changed. And as a result of that, I can't say that beans equal a good steak or lobster, all the good stuff. But I don't hate it anymore.

So that's what I would say, just be patient, give it 14 days, your taste buds will change. But go seek some help, get some help to make this change because it not only affects you, but it affects every friend you have and your entire family when you make that change.

Brett Nyquist (17:33.5)

See, Paul, I'm like the opposite of you. You say like it doesn't... No, no, it's okay. I just was gonna make the point of you said it doesn't beat a good steak or a lobster, where I'm like... I actually think it's the... it's different. I think plant-based eating is more flavorful than just a steak and a potato on a freaking plate. There's like so many spices and... flavors going on with vegetables where it's like... I think it tastes way better than any steak I ever had, but I guess that's just me personally.

Shane (17:34.344)

And I think that's a good minute right there. I'm sorry.

Shane (18:02.348)

Well, I think for me, yeah, I mean, I think for me, it was more of a texture thing than anything because I loved sandwiches and stuff. So you know, it did take me a while to like, I did notice the flavor profile was super broad and it was limitless what you could do. But you know, for me, it was more of a texture, you know, but then when kind of what Rich just said, when I realized you're ripping into tendons and muscles.

Brett Nyquist (18:04.156)

Yeah, right, exactly. Yeah.

Bryan (18:06.968)


Shane (18:29.8)

you know, I'd never really thought about that. And then that's what kind of made me go, okay, well, that is kind of not cool, not good, but.

Bryan (18:36.829)

Have you tried the Shane and Simple  lion's mane mushroom sandwich though? Like, I mean, that was phenomenal.

Shane (18:43.658)



Brett Nyquist (18:53.472)


Shane (18:53.492)

Yeah, Rich and I have this feud with my banana bread. He goes, he goes, I made your banana bread last night. And I go, oh, what'd you think? He goes, it was good. And I went, what? That's the most popular recipe on my blog. Well, I needed a little cinnamon. I'm like, bro, get creative. It's just a base, dude. Like, you're like all these Karens that are always, you know, it was too sweet. And I'm like, well, cut back on the maple syrup. Like, I don't have to hold your hand through this. Like, so, so anyway. Okay.

paul chatlin (19:07.718)

I'm going to go ahead and turn it off.

Brett Nyquist (19:09.832)

hilarious. Oh, that's pretty great, dude.

paul chatlin (19:12.843)

Yes, yes, yes.


paul chatlin (19:19.926)

Make a table of tea, yep.

Brett Nyquist (19:21.745)

Oh man dude.

Shane (19:23.168)

Yeah, but so kind of going back Paul to what you said like Wango, you know when so I think that kind of segues into what we're talking about is You know getting guys on board I Feel like for guys to kind of let their guard down and to kind of break into that idea of being authentic You know guys are the world's worst. They say guys are the world's worst for wanting to ask directions and ask for help

You know, it's this thing that I'm going to kind of shoulder the load. I'm going to kind of do it even to my own detriment. And, I was fortunate enough to have people around me for the last 15 years, because I'm naturally a very defensive person and I was fortunate enough to have guys come around me to just say, Hey dude, you're being a real douche right now. You know, you need to kind of humble yourself. Let me help you, regardless of whatever it is. And

Brett Nyquist (20:17.817)


Shane (20:21.908)

whether it's dealing with something in your marriage, dealing with something with your friends, learning how to handle conflict in a good way, but really humbling yourself and asking for help, advice, wisdom, that's how you grow. And I think one of the things that really impacted my journey was community and really just saying, hey, I'm trying to figure out how to do this and how to learn to eat again and how to learn to cook.

and things like that. And so for me,I feel like that's something that's missing in a lot of guys' lives is a strong community of brotherhood of guys just kind of rallying around. And I think that just stems from guys are just kind of not wanting to kind of strip it down and bear it and say, here I am, weak spots and all. I mean, I'd just kind of love to hear y'all, you know, chime in on that because I see that on a daily basis just with friends I have.

Bryan (21:20.823)

I think that's a great thing to note. So if you're listening to this podcast, it's the Real Many Plants podcast, and most likely you're already vegan, and thank you for listening and hanging out with us and just helping us unpack this. But if you're listening to this and you're not plant-based yet.

It's probably cause your girlfriend or your wife or somebody pushed you to listen to six guys talk about this topic for a few minutes. So thank you for listening to that. But that's why we've pulled together this nice diverse audience here on so many levels because we've got Paul who leads the plant based nutrition support groups. So if you haven't joined the real many plants nutrition support group, we just had our first meeting last week. It was great. And we encourage more men to come to that and get that community and stuff.

If you haven't tried our 30 day challenge, cause you're deciding on plant based, do that. But you know, just get involved in real many and I don't know, I'm gonna keep plugging our own website here where I can. So Paul, what would you add to building a community? You've been doing a little bit longer than me.

paul chatlin (22:26.258)

Well, you know, the one thing I was going to say is, you know, my big issue is always my standard line to anybody who asks, Paul, how you feeling? I'm fine. I always tell people, it doesn't matter. I could be, I might not be fine, but that's my standard line. I think most guys do that all the time. They never want to admit, except my, my seven buddies, they'll tell me all day long what hurts, you know. But the fact is, is that on a community standpoint, you're absolutely right. I mean, generally speaking,

Shane (22:45.236)


paul chatlin (22:56.01)

gentlemen speaking, guys will consider making a change due to a health issue. It has to be in, it's after they've gone through pills or procedures. It's like the last thing they'll do, it's funny. You would think that they before.

Brett Nyquist (23:01.99)


paul chatlin (23:11.114)

before they would have a procedure done, a cut, a surgery, they would say, I'm gonna try a lifestyle change because I sure don't, okay, that was me, bottom line. I was there, I was on a gurney, being willed in, Doctor Miracle says, you got a choice, we're gonna will you in for quadriple bypass surgery or, I've only offered this to two people in 20 years, how about if you make a lifestyle change? I said, I'll make the lifestyle change, didn't know what a lifestyle change was, by the way, had no clue.

I just knew I didn't want to do the surgery. Why do so many guys want to get cut up when they just have to change what they fricking eat every day? And by the way, okay, all guys listen up. I still have oatmeal in the morning with fruit. That's a man's meal. That's easy peasy. That's easy. I have a big salad with beans. Every guy likes beans, right? It's the dinner that's the challenge, but it's not a challenge anymore because you got so many choices to choose from.

So again, I just say, because I'm a lazy cook, I'm a lazy poor cook at times. I found 10 meals and I just batch cook them and I repeat them. If I showed you my freezer, I got like 20 packages of food and I just pick one of them and that's what I eat. And when I feel full, I don't think about it after I feel full. That was my whole big thing. It was always, you know, I just, in the old days I needed to get where my belt buckle, I had to loosen my belt buckle. Then I knew I was done.

Now, I know how that feels when I'm full, and it could be plant-based full. Oh, by the way, you could eat as much you want if it's not meat or dairy. Eat as many vegetables. Try getting full on vegetables. Not easy, okay? But I think that's the big thing. I think the thing is, guys always wait till it's the last choice in their life. And really, it should be one of their first choices. So man the fuck up. You know, try that first.

Shane (25:04.946)

Thank you.

Bryan (26:08.157)

What's your thoughts, Mitch, from a training perspective?

Mitchell SmtihBey (26:11.294)

Well, look at food as fuel. Instead of seeing food as food, see it as a fuel. How much energy do you need to get through the day or to do your task? So when I'm looking at fuel, I'm switching my mindset, like I said, behavior. I'm looking at a situation where it's fuel for me. Like, would you put unleaded fuel in your regular gas tank?

I mean unleaded with diesel and I tell that all the time would you put diesel in your tank if the only fuel at the Gas station was diesel and you need unleaded. They say no. I said why not? Because it'll mess up my car. I said, how do you know? Have you tried it? No, so why don't you try it? No, I'm not gonna do it. So why would you do it to your body?

You know what the fried food is doing to your body. You know what the other foods are doing to your body. And you're doing to your body and you have one body. I've had six cars. I can replace that car. I can't replace the body. So I try to share from a common sense or sensible mindset, like you're doing it. You can replace that vehicle, but you would never put diesel fuel in your unleaded tank, but you'll put anything in your body. It just makes me go, really? Okay, tell me how that's gonna work out. So fuel instead of food.

Shane (27:26.6)

Yeah, I had a friend, I'm sorry. I was just going to say I had a friend that basically said the same thing, Mitchell, that he was, he did, he was training for an Ironman, but he, he did triathlons for awhile and he said he had to get to a point where he looked at food like medicine. He said, you don't take pills. You don't just take pills by the handful, you know? And so you, if you're sick, you take something to get well. It's not, so he said he had to look at food like medicine.

Mitchell SmtihBey (27:30.426)

Go ahead, jump on.

paul chatlin (27:37.579)

Thanks for watching!

Shane (27:55.176)

He wasn't going to just take medicine 24 hours a day in the same way he was going to fuel his body, fuel it with the right things, and then use it to accomplish a task. That doesn't mean we can't have a birthday or a holiday or something like that. The problem is that everybody, especially in modern times, has made every day their birthday and every day Thanksgiving here in the last 20 years. Birth lifestyle, I mean, you know?

Bryan (28:18.813)

day it's birth month come on

Shane (28:25.376)

But, and that's probably a good place for a commercial break, don't you think, Brian? If we're talking about fuel and food. Today's episode is brought to you by Shane and It is your one-stop destination for plant-based recipes that are delicious and they are as easy as they are healthy. You can discover a world of flavor with simple step-by-step recipes that make going plant-based a breeze.

Mitchell SmtihBey (28:27.435)


Shane (28:51.872)

From hearty mains to delectable desserts, Shane and Simple has it all. So you can join the vibrant community. It's completely free. There is no charge. You just sign up, get emails telling you, hey, new recipe is out here. It's awesome and it's gonna help you get well. So savor every bite on your plant-based journey. Shane and Simple, it's where taste meets simplicity. So visit us today at

Because eating plant-based has never been this easy or delicious. It doesn't suck to be healthy.

Shane (29:25.493)

All right.

Brett Nyquist (29:25.768)

Seems like you've done that before. That was pretty convincing. I'm in.

Bryan (29:28.149)


Shane (29:29.425)

Uh, actually no, I just had Chet, I just had, it just rolls right off the tongue, you know, I just boom, think about it and it comes to me and so.

Brett Nyquist (29:34.753)


Bryan (29:37.333)

And that banana bread too, whoo!

Shane (29:40.488)

Oh yes, if you put a little cinnamon in it for rich. Yes so kind of going into this idea of fueling and everything and kind of coming back to the initial task at hand, you know, we talk about, like, I do see where guys are like, I'm just who I am, I don't want to change, it's blah, this. You know, there's always an excuse, but I still feel like there's this, for men,

Bryan (29:44.136)


Shane (30:10.112)

for the most part, especially here in the deep south where there's this blue collar work ethic, like pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. And as you can imagine,I mean, there are more options than there probably were five years ago, B\but this idea of, I mean, what?

It's like my brother made a joke one time. He said, if you're 35 and haven't had at least two stints put in, something's wrong with you, you know? And so, I mean, especially around here. Yeah. And so, I mean, but that's kind of the thought.

paul chatlin (30:48.218)

Funny guy.

Brett Nyquist (30:51.572)

That's wild.

Shane (31:26.38)


Shane (31:53.996)


Bryan (32:55.829)


paul chatlin (33:07.69)

One thing I'd throw out there is, you know, as a guy, you know, I don't kind of share my health issues with anybody, barely my wife at times, you know? I mean, I just, I just, I don't talk about it. But who I do talk about it with is my doctor. But if my doctor, which my doctor didn't until I fired him, would not share with me the benefits of nutrition before pills or procedures, then that's the problem. So to me,

Shane (33:18.038)


paul chatlin (33:35.398)

You know, to me, I think for guys, one of the biggest issues is, is that the medical industry, the doctors they go to, would rather write you a script and do a procedure than say, what do you eat? If they were to learn about the benefits of nutrition and ask that question before anything else, there would be a world of change because we look at doctors like we do priests. Like, you know, we revere them. Whatever they tell us to do, we try it. If it doesn't work, they're the ones who get to screw up

until they get it right. Anybody else, we'd fire, we'd get rid of them. So to me, I think that's the thing. You gotta challenge your doctor and say, hey, listen, I'm not feeling good. This is what I want. Is there something I could do from a food standpoint as opposed to you writing me another script?

Shane (34:09.953)


Brett Nyquist (34:21.116)

Yeah, and in order to do that, you have to prioritize your health. You have to prioritize your health. And I think that the world we live in, I mean, my age, you work your ass off and then you got so much going on and you just don't care about feeling like crap. Me personally, I was sick of feeling like crap and I would do anything to feel better.

paul chatlin (34:27.51)

Hey, yeah.

Brett Nyquist (34:41.852)

And when I went to my doctor and anything he gave me wasn't working, I then took that into my own hands. I did the research. I watched documentaries. And I said, I'm going to eat better. That seems freaking like no-brainer. Once I ate better, I felt better. And it was like, I'm never turning back. I want to feel good. Why would you want to feel like crap? Like all like, yeah, it's, I don't know.

paul chatlin (34:49.086)


paul chatlin (34:55.855)

Right. Oh, that information there. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

paul chatlin (35:05.802)

No, but I mean that's a beautiful thing of the internet. I mean, like today, I was looking at it hurt my knee. Okay, I'm not bitching guys, not bitching. But I wanted to know if it was an ACL, MCL, lateral, whatever it was, okay? The point being is that there's so much information. Yeah, you got to sift through it. But the fact is, is that all that information, cooking, problems, it's all there. You just take, invest in yourself. That's all, look into it.

Brett Nyquist (35:32.852)

But that's another thing too, Paul, is you keep saying not bitching, not bitching. No, men need to bitch more. We need to talk about our issues more. Because if we keep burying this crap, we're never gonna get anywhere. And that's kind of bringing it into my personal, well, my personal experience, right? When I went plant-based and I started to do yoga and all that stuff, all the men around me thought of me as weak. I'm girly, I'm weak. And that mindset is like, okay.

paul chatlin (35:46.073)

Yeah, I'll bring you over to my house with my buddy.

Brett Nyquist (36:03.756)

Maybe more females do that kind of stuff, but why is that wrong? What is wrong with females? I think they're smarter, right? I mean, come on, they're smarter. Yeah, so that was kinda like, okay, so you're associating that with, yeah, it just didn't make any sense to me.

Bryan (36:11.672)

They're smarter than us. They are smarter than us.

Mitchell SmtihBey (36:22.606)

So being a golfer, I have a lot of the gut.

Shane (36:22.676)

Well, and I think you know through...

Mitchell SmtihBey (36:27.518)

I started in the golf because of your peer pressure or your peers. So I shot a great score and they sent out the scores and they said, oh we gotta start eating plant based diets because you want to hit a good score. Yes. So when you're displaying something that is envious by others, that's what's going to get them to.

Shane (36:28.236)

Go ahead, Mitchell.

Mitchell SmtihBey (36:52.458)

look at you more. I shot another good score. Mitch got another good score. We need to start eating plant-based meal plant. They're joking but they're mentioning it. So even in that circle of males, about 60 golfers, they get to read Mitch doesn't eat meat. He looks different. He's playing different. He's hitting it consistent. Blah, blah, blah. So it's a lifestyle that is going to attract those who are fearful of trying it.

Brett Nyquist (36:53.974)


Mitchell SmtihBey (37:21.038)

to want to probably learn more about it before they try it. It's sport.

Shane (37:25.013)


Shane (38:59.368)

Yeah. And I think every, every issue, when it all comes back, you know, ain't nothing going to make you feel emasculated is when you can't please your woman. And, you know, I, I'm like, you know, when I hear guys telling me literally, you know, they're, they're in their early forties having prostate troubles, you know, I'm like, that that's not by accident pal. And it's here, you know, and, and it's like,

Brett Nyquist (39:26.644)


Shane (39:28.956)

Yeah, we're physical every four to six weeks, you know, and I'm like, and they're like, and then they look at me like, they look at me like, well, you're more than that. And I'm like, bro, we're talking like four or five times a week. I was like, geez. I'm like, who's the man now? Who is the man now? Yes, I brag about it. So, yeah. Yeah.

paul chatlin (39:33.641)


paul chatlin (39:40.875)

What? That's crazy. That's God's gift to man. Are you kidding me? Yeah, that's the greatest gift we ever got.

Bryan (39:46.483)

Thanks for watching!

Mitchell SmtihBey (39:51.266)

Plant lover, the tree hugger, come on! Go hug a tree, you can't even get it up.

Shane (39:58.396)

Yeah, that's right. Strong and stiff like that tree, baby. So that's right. So.

Mitchell SmtihBey (40:07.022)

So, community, so that's basically, again, I have a joke that I share with guys, so listen, or when there's a debate, say, hey, if you ever got your foreskin caught in a zipper, it's gonna hurt either way. So, to get it out or to put me, it's gonna hurt. So, you gotta keep it, keep, you know, so you gotta share, you know, get their attention, like, okay, now, now that I got your attention, so this is why I eat what I eat.

Brett Nyquist (40:23.021)


paul chatlin (40:26.515)

Hey, hey, wait, wait.

Shane (40:49.877)


Shane (40:56.948)

Yeah, I think it's interesting.

Bryan (46:39.165)

For sure. So it sounds like there should be a little debate off between the real money plants 30 day challenge and the Shane and Simple seven day challenge. And

Shane (46:48.617)

No, no, that's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying that... Fuck yeah, I'll cook!

paul chatlin (46:52.324)

Is Shane cooking? Is Shane doing the cooking?

Bryan (46:55.355)

Shane's starting his meal delivery service.

paul chatlin (46:57.886)

I'm in. I'm out for shame. Yeah.

Shane (46:58.992)

I'm looking for investors. Well hey guys, this has been a great discussion and I feel like I would love to reconvene because I think this is like an onion, like we could keep pulling back the layers and especially on this issue of community and vulnerability and I think guys need to hear this.

Bryan (47:01.141)


Shane (47:22.876)

I feel like I hate that we're kind of towards the end of this, but I feel like we need to reconvene maybe Brian and do like a part two and kind of continue this conversation. But, but guys, I really want to thank you all for jumping in and just kind of sharing your stories. And like I said, it just, we all kind of have a different take and we came about it different ways, but at the end of the day, what we all are here about is like, this is

What we all say is that this is without a doubt, this lifestyle has changed our lives for the better. There's been no downside to it.

paul chatlin (47:55.658)

Hey, Shane, can I leave you guys with the funniest joke for a short joke?

Bryan (47:55.797)

That's right.

Shane (48:01.128)

Sure, let's end on a dad joke.

paul chatlin (48:03.794)

All right, here we go. Why the dad comment?

Brett Nyquist (48:06.964)

You know it's a dad joke. Paul, it's coming from you.

Shane (48:07.685)

I don't know, we just... Look, I got five kids, man.

paul chatlin (48:09.258)

No, it's like, it's, you know, I was, I was toying with two things. I wanted to tell everybody how much I care about Brett, cause he's like a son to me. So like, that was a dad thing. So, okay, here we go. If you really want to know who loves you, put your wife and your dog in the trunk for about three hours and then open up the trunk and see who's, who misses you, who loves you.

Shane (48:19.956)


paul chatlin (48:33.376)

Dad joke.

Shane (48:34.304)

Well, if you're plant-based and you've got an Eiffel Tower, your wife's gonna love you, so.

paul chatlin (48:39.616)


Mitchell SmtihBey (48:41.286)

I'm sorry.

Bryan (48:42.069)

That's for sure.

Shane (48:42.952)

All right, guys, Thank you all.



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