• Bryan Dennstedt

THE DIGITAL VEGAN | The Rise of Online Plant-Basers

The internet is our new library, Yellow Pages, Blockbuster and so much more rolled into one hand-held device. Whenever we are searching for information, it’s often our social networks we turn to long before Wikipedia or WebMD.

Veganism and plant-based living have found abundance on the more visual platforms. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with recipes, products and influencers indulging in brightly-glazed vegan donuts and smoothies so colorful you’d half-expect a unicorn to climb out of them.

There’s nothing new or unexpected about this wave of creators sharing their beliefs, wisdom and mouth-watering dishes.

What is becoming more evident, though, is how vegans are adapting their content to better convey the message that the planet needs plant-basers, animal products are outdated and real men eat plants.

Read how vegans are embracing the digital platforms in my latest blog, now on Medium.


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