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Unlock the Magic of Plant-Based Living with the Plant Powered Passport!

The plant-based world has seen an explosion of interest in recent years in “Bundles”—collections of e-files, sometimes dozens or even hundreds, sent to consumers upon purchase. These Bundles have provided abundant information, recipes, and meal plans, helping many improve their health. But my friend Bryan Dennstedt (Founder of Real Men Eat Plants) and I wanted to do something different:

What if we offered live virtual presentations featuring Q&A with experts on health, fitness, nutrition, and cooking alongside a curated collection of e-files, recipes, and videos?

Thus, the Plant Powered Passport was born!

Why Settle for Static When You Can Go Live?

The Plant Powered Passport isn’t just another collection of digital files. It’s a dynamic, interactive experience that puts you in direct contact with top experts. Imagine the opportunity to ask your burning questions and get real-time answers from the best in the field.

Exclusive Access to Luminaries in the Plant-Based World

Our lineup of experts is unparalleled. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the extraordinary speakers and sessions you’ll gain access to:

  • Dr. Michael Klaper: Renowned physician and nutrition expert, guiding you through the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

  • Robert Cheeke: Best-selling author and vegan bodybuilder, sharing secrets on building muscle and maintaining peak performance on a plant-based diet.

  • Maxime Sigouin: Fitness expert discussing effective workout strategies and nutrition plans for plant-based athletes.

  • Glen Merzer & Dr. Michael Klaper: Discussing the synergy of diet and health and how to make the best use of medical care.

  • Paul Chatlin & John Tanner: Sharing inspiring stories and practical tips for adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Glen Merzer & Gustavo Tolosa: Exploring the connection between nutrition and overall well-being and how to construct a health promoting diet.

  • Bryan Dennstedt: Offering insights into plant-based living and creating a thriving plant-based business.

  • Shayda Soleymani: Culinary expertise and tips for creating flavorful, plant-based dishes.

  • Tracy Childs: Demonstrating mouth-watering, nutritious recipes perfect for any meal.

Can’t Make It Live? No Problem!

We understand that life can get busy. That’s why every live event is recorded and made available to Passport owners, so you can watch and learn at your convenience.

You’ll Also Receive the Following Videos of Lectures by Six Extraordinary Doctors and Nutritionists:

  • Dr. Milton Mills: Microbiome & Human Physiology and Psychology.

  • Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.: Treating the Cause to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.

  • Brenda Davis, RD: Unleashing the Power of Plant Nutrition.

  • Dr. Kim Williams: Nutrition and Cardiovascular Mortality.

  • Dr. Michael Klaper: Disease Reversal Through Plant-Based Nutrition.

  • Dr. Neal Barnard: A New Way of Thinking About Foods.

Plus, Over 150 Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Recipe Files

Recipe Collections Include:

  • Perfectly Plant-Based: A curated collection of original whole-food, plant-based, no-oil recipes from the best PBNSG chefs.

  • Healthy Holiday Comfort Foods by Tracy Childs: Delicious and festive recipes to make your holidays healthier.

  • Healthy Cooking with Shayda: Authentic oil-free Persian food and simple, healthy meals by Shayda Soleymani.

  • Create Your Own Fit Vegan Meal Plan in 5 Simple Steps by Maxime Sigouin: Easy steps to create personalized vegan meal plans.

  • 25 Bonus Recipes for Own Your Health by Joanna Samorow-Merzer: Additional recipes to complement your healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive Discounts and Four Must-Have Books

As a Passport holder, you’ll also gain access to special discounts on plant-based products and programs, along with four essential eBooks to deepen your knowledge and support your journey:

  • How to Build a Successful Vegan Brand: Strategies to create and grow a thriving vegan brand.

  • Shred It: Robert Cheeke’s guide to achieving peak physical fitness on a plant-based diet.

  • Plant-Based Muscle: Discover how to build muscle and strength with plant-based nutrition.

  • Food is Climate by Glen Merzer: Explore the environmental impact of our food choices and how plant-based eating can help combat climate change.

Join a Vibrant Community of Plant-Based Enthusiasts

By becoming a Plant Powered Passport holder, you’re not just gaining access to events and e-files; you’re joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Share your experiences, swap recipes, and make lasting connections with people who are on the same journey as you.

Affiliate Program Opportunity

Share the magic of the Plant Powered Passport and earn rewards! Our affiliate program offers $14 for every sale made through your referral link. It’s an excellent opportunity to promote plant-based living and benefit financially.

An Unbeatable Value

All this for just $34.95—less than the price of a lunch for two! The Plant Powered Passport offers incredible value, combining the richness of live events with the convenience of digital resources.

Don’t Miss Out—Join Us Today!

Watch the introductory video here and see for yourself why the Plant Powered Passport is the ultimate tool for anyone committed to or curious about plant-based living. Secure your Passport today and embark on a journey that promises to enlighten, inspire, and transform your lifestyle.

We can't wait to see you at our next live event!



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