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Your Guide to A Plant Based Easter

Celebrating Easter is a great marker of spring! It is full of fun festivities such as dying eggs, lunches with family, egg hunts, and candies galore! But what if you’re plant-based? How is it possible to celebrate Easter then? If you’re wondering this, well then we've got your back. You can have an absolutely amazing plant-based Easter with your family with the tips below! We’ve divided this up into two sections in order to help you with your planning : activities and food.


Tip #1 - Plan a creative search game to replace the old-fashioned egg hunt

  • Replace an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt with other search games, then set up different prize goals so that all the participants have a chance to win a reward. If you do prefer an Easter egg hunt, you can still veganize it and enjoy all the fun. You may try filling reusable eggs with small bags of treats.

Tip #2 - Celebrate with Easter Art

  • Decorations are generally vegan, but why not display meaningful art along with the other decorations of the season? Alternately, have kids paint, dye then search for ceramic Easter eggs.


Tip #1- Fill up Easter baskets with a variety of sweets

  • It used to be tough to find fun vegan candy to rival the festive designs in stores, but now the problem is choosing from the delicious treats that are available. Some of our favorite brands that have some delicious vegan Easter candies are Sjaak’s, Chomp Chocolate, YumEarth, and No Whey Foods.

Tip #2 - Bring vegan alternatives to traditional dishes to Easter gatherings

  • There are so many options, but it definitely depends on how much you want to cook from scratch. You can serve a store-bought vegan roast, make vegan carrot cake, or even get creative and try some vegan deviled eggs. You are sure to find something that pleases almost everyone in your family.

Don’t overthink it, have fun, and have a very “Hoppy” Easter!

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